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I also offer four services to pack the most customer

value into your product offering. 


Business Strategy Consultation

Are you new on the scene and trying to get the word out? If so, the name of the game is to create awareness, gain interest and encourage people to dine with you. If you’re an established restaurant and been in business a few years, now your strategy is on growth. It’s time to focus on efforts to increase the market share of your target customers.


It’s crucial to have a proper game plan that outlines your strategy and goals for your business. Let’s work together and design a business strategy that gives your restaurant the best chance at success. 

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to become a viable dining option for potential customers, you need to be found. And that means you have to understand how to optimize your website for being found by search engines. 


Google uses a complex algorithm that has over 200 different factors when determining how to rank a website for a search. It looks for information that proves you are trustworthy, relevant, and valuable. Do you offer a lot of new, original content? Do you have a lot of inbound and outbound links to other websites? Do you have relevant keywords that help Google categorize you and gets you found quicker? But remember, if you add too many irrelevant keywords, Google sees through that trick and punishes your website. All these are ways that ensures that you’re the best choice for that search query.



Market Research

Do you need in-depth information to bolster your business plan? Do you really know and understand your neighbourhood? I can provide research, detailed demographics, and statistics that will let you know important information like:

  • What’s the biggest (or biggest growing) age demographic in your neighbourhood. It's important to know if your neighbourhood is getting older or younger.

  • How much the average household earns in a year. It could be a big mistake if you position yourself outside of what those in your community could afford. 

  • Are there more families, young adults and millennials, or retired and empty nesters in your area. Do your potential customers have much disposable income?

  • What direct competition do you have in your area. What do others in the area offer and will they take customers from you? 

Restaurant Branding

Branding is more than a logo or slogan. Your brand represents the entire experience you offer to your guests.

To do it right we need a plan that will work with your marketing strategy. First, we’ll work to position your restaurant in the minds of your customers. Then we’ll build awareness through an engaging and exciting visual presence. Next, let's get the word out to the right people and spread your message. Lastly, we’ll build relationships and foster a community of brand advocates. 

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